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We are exceptionally placed to provide capacity for all aircraft leasing needs to airlines worldwide through our dedicated ACMI leasing division. Whether you require a last minute ACMI sub charter or are seeking additional aircraft to fulfill a busy summer flight schedule, our experienced team of experts offer a wide scope of options for airlines looking for.

We have access to over 50,000 aircraft worldwide and are constantly monitoring the availability of aircraft and the latest regulations in each region. Our extensive network of airline relationships mean that we can source a range of competitive aircraft solutions and at the right price, by leveraging our local market knowledge and network of connections.

An ACMI lease is also known as a wet or damp lease. A wet lease is a leasing arrangement whereby a supplying airline (the lessor) provides an Aircraft, full Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance (ACMI) to a customer airline (the lessee) which pays by the number of block hours operated. Compared to a damp lease, where the lessor would provide the cockpit crew only and the lessee providing their own cabin crew on the leased aircraft.

Damp leasing is useful when a lessee requires additional capacity but has surplus cabin crew of their own. This not only reduces some cost to the lessee by removing the crew hotac and crew daily allowances but also maximizes operational efficiency and onboard service familiarity. The lessee provides the ground services such as fuel, handling, and catering.
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Our Areas of Expertise
ACMI Aircraft leasing – Long term
Airlines turn to Long-term ACMI leasing as it is an effective solution to a planned requirement and period of time, whilst not holding the lessee (client) to the longer-term financial commitments and overheads of a dry or operational lease.

This measured approach is ideal during strategic expansion, when testing new routes and markets, seasonal
demand or for start-up airlines as leasing a jet avoids significant up-front investment in aircraft, crew, maintenance, all with minimal financial exposure.

Airlines can also look to use ACMI leasing when forecasting maintenance schedules, lease deferrals, aircraft deliveries of their existing fleet and crew training. All of which have the potential to face lengthy delays and operators can forecast such and plan the provision of ACMI aircraft in advance coverage of their schedule with minimal operational and service disruption.

Our ACMI Leasing team has considerable aircraft charter and lease management experience, whether it's providing aircraft for cross regional leasing, wide bodied aircraft for the Hajj pilgrimage, regional aircraft on PSO routes or peak summer holiday demand, we have your requirements covered.

We have airline partners worldwide, through this global network of operators and local relationships that we source aircraft in advance for planned requirements to supplement aircraft fleets and to improve fleet efficiency during seasons.

ACMI Aircraft leasing – Short term
Operational disruption can occur at any time and it is vital for operators to maintain programmed integrity with minimal disturbance to passengers. we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing operational support to airlines globally.

The smallest of delay can have a considerable impact on an airlines schedule with the knock-on effect disrupting operations for days. This can be caused by an AOG, crew sickness, bad weather or strike action and it is paramount for airlines to minimize delays. Short term ACMI leasing is an emergency recovery service for airlines.

We offer unrivalled operational and commercial airline experience and with our extensive network of connections and our global database, we will source the most suitable solution in a timely fashion. Whilst isolating the disrupted schedule, the airlines
operational team is then able to focus on preserving service continuity.

Cargo ACMI Leasing
In unprecedented times, airlines globally are turning to Cargo ACMI leasing to facilitate the increased demand for freight capacity, whilst allowing airlines to remain versatile and react quickly to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic aviation market.

Just like ACMI leasing in the passenger airline world, cargo operators can benefit from the flexibility that ACMI offers by not having to commit to long term fixed costs and investments in aircraft and crew when purchasing or dry leasing aircraft. Instead, they
can contract as required, on a monthly or annual basis, depending on their own contractual demands with their clients. We have access to all aircraft types to suit your capacity needs and have the expertise to assist in this specialized field.

Aircraft dry lease
A dry lease aircraft is a leasing arrangement whereby an aircraft financing entity (lessor)provides an aircraft only (without crew, engineers or ground staff). An airline contracts the aircraft (without crew, maintenance or insurance) from a leasing company or bank, placing the aircraft on their own air operators’ certificate (AOC) and providing the aircraft registration, however it uses its own flight and cabin crew to operate the aircraft.
A dry lease agreement will be impacted by a number of elements including depreciation, maintenance, insurance as well as the political and geographical location of the lessee and typically lasts upwards of two years.
Dry leasing is a more cost-effective lease over a longer period of time for a lessee as they would not be outsourcing costs associated with ACMI (Wet or Damp lease) such as crew (hotac travel), maintenance and insurance, of which they have no control over and these aspects would be managed by themselves.

Our team of consultants provide robust financial solutions and strategic advice tailored specifically to the needs of your business and the unique dynamics of the aviation industry.

What are the benefits of ACMI?

An ACMI lease generally lasts between up to 12 months and is typically utilized for the following reasons as opposed to investing heavily in new aircraft as the operator would only be paying for the aircraft when it flies compared to carrying the overhead during the low season also:

Seasonal demand / Network expansion
Each market and region will have a peak season and airlines will always be looking to expand their network by testing new routes and adding frequency to their schedule.

Both requirements can be in the range of 2-6 months period (or longer) and operators will look to lease aircraft in to cover this need for additional capacity as ACMI provides the flexibility required whilst also being a cost-effective solution.

Maintenance delays / Late delivery of airplanes

Planning maintenance downtime is the easy part, ensuring that there are no delays during maintenance or unplanned maintenance occurrences is a huge challenge for operators and can cause considerable schedule disruption or cancellation to service when this occurs.
Such delays can be weeks to several months in time. When faced with order backlogs due to demand, this leads to aircraft delivery delays for the Aircraft Manufacturers. In current times, we are seeing many operating lease deliveries being deferred until later in the year or beyond, this may also cause delayed deliveries due to a lack of maintenance slot availability as these aircraft will require further maintenance due to the downtime experienced.
Longer term ACMI leasing solutions ensures that planned scheduled flying is unaffected during these periods of uncertainty.

Flight crew shortage
Crews can be in short supply whether it's due to demand, delays in cabin crew training or continued sickness. ACMI fills this void with the provision of the crew as well as aircraft.

• ADE-DAA’S  in all our three branches in Nigeria, Ghana & Ivory Coast West Africa offers a wealth of experience in the field of purchasing and selling private jets.
• For new or pre-owned aircraft, we offer a clear aircraft sales and acquisition service on the market for individuals and corporations.
We have the local market data and expertise to ensure a seamless and optimum transaction for our clients.

Fly regularly but don’t want the hassle associated with owning a private jet? Our bespoke private jet leasing solutions allow you to enjoy the flexibility of having an aircraft available 24/7, without the initial capital outlay or extra commitments that come with buying your own jet.
We’re experienced in arranging short- and long-term leases for a range of budgets, sourcing the ideal aircraft for each client’s requirements and offering the convenience of guaranteed monthly rates for the term of your lease.

• We are able to showcase your aircraft to a much wider audience of potential buyers through our Francophone & Anglophone clients in our three countries base in West Africa.
We have expertise in our field and we have extensive experience when it comes to the branding, marketing and selling of aircraft. We maintain up to the minute knowledge of operators and individuals in search of new aircraft, giving you peace of mind that we will find a buyer for you.

At ADE-DAA'S we source for aircraft parts for you in a critical time, with our 12years experience in these industries we have a high network connection with our colleague all over the world to source for aircraft part for you. We have been doing this for many years and we guarantee you, we have the right plug to a reputable for your aircraft parts.

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