Event Production


When most people think of event production companies, they often picture the people who set up stages and place microphones at events. And while that might be true for some occasions, an event production company will usually be expected to plan, coordinate, and oversee the event, including the following:

  • Transforming the given environment to reflect the planner’s goals and event theme
  • Renting and setting up lighting rigs, fixtures, and any potential light shows
  • Adjusting sound and music levels to enhance the party atmosphere
  • Finding ways to evoke certain moods within the space or spaces
  • Adding a sense of theatrical ambiance for dramatic events (like art showcases in historic mansions)
  • Ensuring that everything goes smoothly from set up to take down

As you can probably tell by now, event production is all about mixing the creative with the practical. Unless they’re highly specialized, event production companies constantly work with a variety of event types, high-end to affordable venues, and planners. This means no two events they execute will ever be truly alike.

They also have shifting responsibility levels. Event production companies might be responsible for the entire event from conception to reality. Or they could be hired solely to carry out the event planners established an image for the shindig. Either way, they’re a valuable addition to any extra-special event planning team.

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