Person Marketing


When you’re responsible for all the marketing tasks for a company, it can be overwhelming and daunting at times, so here are seven tips to make your job easier. ADIL offers person marketing services

Your marketing department shouldn’t be the only ones creating blogs. Your company is filled with people who are experts on your services and products. Reach out to these technical experts to have them write a blog post. You can have them do a simple Q&A blog post if you get resistance. For those with competitive co-workers, make it a contest by handing out prizes for those whose blog posts do the best based on website data. If you can’t get help from your in-house technical experts, hire ADIL to help you write white papers or ebooks. You can often get content written quicker by bringing in a professional. 

You also shouldn’t feel like every blog post should align with a service. Show off your company’s culture by writing blog posts on after-work events, new employees, or different hobbies your co-workers have. This will show you as an authentic company that people want to do business with.

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