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DENNIS ADEPOJU  -  CEO / Marketing Director

Dennis ADEPOJU is a dedicated aviation and real estate expert with experience in commercial and residential building construction, road construction, marketing, and branding.

He is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and Helicopter Association International (HAI). A company with more than 11 years of expertise in the sales of international jet charters, commercial and residential building construction, road construction, marketing, and branding.

Dennis is skilled in construction, charter, sales aircraft management, and marketing for aircraft brands. He also has a demonstrated track record in these fields. He is extremely driven and committed to ADE-DAA'S Air Charter® and ADE-DAA'S Group brand promotion in West Africa.

He values the advice and recommendations of former customers and friends from all around the world. Especially the continent of Africa.
His school of thinking always advocates treating one another with kindness and forgiveness in our own straightforward ways.

The techniques he used were based on the unique requirements of each client; a successful campaign for commercial and residential building construction, road construction, aircraft brand marketing, and aircraft sales and charter must be properly planned.


Every client of ADE-DAA'S receives a personal, highly qualified account manager who can consistently and swiftly deliver the ideal charter solution. Our global network staff collaborates to identify the best option for charter flights in various places using their extensive local knowledge.
All of our account managers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of aircraft types, not just one or two. This implies that regardless of your charter's needs, you can talk to the same account manager. Our phones are answered 365 days a year, around-the-clock.
Every charter is carefully followed, and you are informed of any pertinent revisions. Updates on the status of the aircraft or weather conditions that could impact air traffic may be included.
All charter flight times and data are sent to you following the flight so that you may give us the feedback we need to uphold our really high standards.

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